Two retired show cats living the life of luxury

Owners: Mary Ann Huczko and Scott Jones

Owner: Patty Seitz


Carbon Copies!

Holiday time 2009

MTNest Mary Magdalene of Bluemania
IW QGC MTNest Princess Diana X IW Ch Mainette Philosophers Stone
Owner: Steve Reed Bluemania Maine Coon Cats

We like to show!

Our dogs help to socialize our kittens!
We have friends with their children come over to socialize the kittens also!
RW SGC MTNest Lieutenant Pyrene
Now Adopted
IW SGC MTNest Rive Gauche
RW QGC MTNest Eliza
Now Adopted
IW QGC MTNest Princess Diana
OD IW SGC Mainette P.S. I Love You of MTNest
Now Retired
IW TGC RoyalLions Lunar Eclipse of MTNest
Now Retired