LA SGC MTNest Prince William

HCM Tested Negative

Born: June 24, 2010
Sire: IW CH Mainette Swagger
Dam: IW QGC MTNest Princess Diana

Prince William is one of our outstanding breeding males.  He is a lovely black classic tabby with white boy.  During the show year 2010-2011, he was the BEST Kitten Internationally as well as in our own Mid-Atlantic Region.  Toward the end of that show year, he was shown as an adult once he turned 8 months of age for only a short period of time before the end of the show year.  In just 6 shows, he ended up as the Best Championship Cat in the MA Region, 13th BEST Championship Cat and 3rd Best Maine Coon Cat Internationally while competing against cats who were being shown for the entire 12 months of the show year.  He is now retired from the show world and has subsequently sired many lovely litters of kittens.